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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Need transportation? Need to see a doctor? Missing time from work due to someone else's negligence?

Need Transportation? Need to see a doctor? The auto insurance not responding? Don't stress! We will help you from beginning to end! 

Maximizing your compensation is our specialty!

Pedestrian Accidents


 With many years of insurance defense work, NV Injury, LLC., is your best choice for representation after being injured by a car. We will help get you back on your feet and the compensation you deserve! 

Slip and Falls


Suffered a painful fall due to someone else's negligence? Don't hesitate, we will make sure you get the treatment and attention you need!

Bicycle Accidents


Injured due to someone's negligence and not sharing the road? We can help get your medical bills covered, compensation for wage loss and pain and suffering. 

Casino Injuries/Falls


Injured while in a Casino? Whether you reside in Las Vegas or not, you're in luck, Jessica Parra, ESQ. is a Las Vegas Native with over 11 years of personal injury experience. 

Bus Accidents


Bus crash? We will get you the cash! 

As a fault free passenger you are entitled to fair compensation for your injuries!